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Dementia Care Ministry

Dementia Friendly Worship

The members of our church have been intimately connected with the struggles of dementia. Some of our members have been diagnosed with dementia. Some of our members care for individuals living with it. Some of our members still grieve the loss of loved ones who had one of varying types of the disease. 


As we have reached out to minister to one another during these times and in these situations, we have found that God is calling us to reach out even further, to those beyond our walls who for whatever reason, are unable to attend traditional Sunday morning worship services.


For those caregivers of persons experiencing dementia, they have seen first-hand the power of music therapy, especially church music, in helping soothe their loved ones and give them a sense of peace and even empowerment. They also know how much they need the spiritual fuel that comes with being a part of a supportive body of Believers. 

We are a small church, but we believe God has gifted us uniquely to offer a worship experience that can both glorify God and revive us all again — while being a safe and comfortable space for those with dementia, as well as their caregivers. 

What can you expect at a "dementia friendly" worship service?

Friendly faces ready to assist and help you worship with your loved one.

Music-heavy worship featuring old-time hymns.

Uplifting and BRIEF messages

Traditional sanctuary to help center folks in time and place.

Handicapped accessibility with ushers ready to assist and wheelchairs if needed.

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In the News!

We were so honored to welcome reporter Juan Betancourt from the Denton Record-Chronicle to help tell our story of ministry and outreach. Click the button below to read the full story!

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